Core Values
at Kollect

This is what we believe in!

The Company’s core values provide a solid foundation to grow the business. The first step in creating a customer-centric culture is instilling such values in the Company’s vision and mission statement. The next step is to engage and empower employees to take it to the next level, which is to please customers beyond expectation.

Here at Kollect we understand we cannot guarantee a good customer experience every time with so many third-party providers involved, so Kollect embraces the ‘comeback’. When a mistake is made, the Company holds up its hand and acknowledges it. It is how it responds that counts and the Company goes over and above expectations to ensure that the customer is always informed as to how it is going to rectify things as fast as possible. For Kollect, it’s all about the communication.


1. Exceed expectations: deliver ‘Wow’ through customer service

At Kollect, staff try to do everything with a WOW. The Company will always go over and above for its customers and when it does, it puts these in the WOW channel. The team like to do hundreds of wows each month (this can include free pizza, junk removal, bin collection for a year). Customers don’t expect it and it’s just a small token of the Company’s appreciation. The Company also measures ‘Hot Potatoes’, which is when issues are extremely serious. This happens, for example, if a bin collection is missed twice from a customer. The key metric for this value that Kollect measures is the number of Wows, Unwows and Hot Potatoes as a key metric in the business.

2. Be authentic: with a can-do attitude

Everyone has experienced a situation where the person serving you has to refer to somebody else who then has to refer to another person before a decision is made. Kollect doesn’t want that and, therefore, hires employees who buy into the value of customer service and the management can trust to make decisions and look out for the customers’ interests at large. Neither does the Company use scripts; it’s about trusting our team to be themselves and always put the customer first. The key metric measured here again is the Wows which show how often staff have gone over and above for customers.

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3. Honest: be straight up, always do right by customers

The Company acknowledges that employees are human, the customers are human—everyone makes mistakes. In Kollect, we always take ownership of mistakes and strives to make it up to the customer in whatever way they can. The key metric for this value is the number of 5 – 1 star reviews the Company gets from customers as a measure of its culture.

4. Responsive: be prompt, always keeping the customer in the loop.

Whenever customers make contact with Kollect, they do it for a reason. Whatever it is, the team responds and gets back to the customer promptly right up to 11pm each and every night. The average response time is one minute and 30 seconds, something of which the management is very proud. The key metric for this value is measuring phone calls that are dropped or answered and the average response times for all online interactions using Intercom for this metric.

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