Our Story

Our story here at Kollect is we do things differently and while we have made great strides our journey is just beginning. Kollect is quite literally an innovative startup for on-demand Bin Collection, Skip Hire and Junk Removal. We now oversee 1000’s of bookings each month, making us one of the most trusted companies in the industry Our goal here in Kollect is to provide you with an excellent customer experience. Unlike traditional waste companies we are contactable 7 days a week, right up until 11pm each night.

Our Owners

Kollect founders

Myself (John O’Connor), Robbie Skuse and John Hegarty – three wires in a plug. I’m won’t say that I’m the live-wire and John Hegarty is the grounding earth wire with Robbie as the neutral in the middle because, well that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. What I will say is that without all three wires, the plug wouldn’t work, and someone would probably get a shock. All the plug does is switch the company on. It absolutely doesn’t work without a really good team inside it, and that’s exactly what we have. For a company that deals, almost predominantly in rubbish, you’d wonder where the passion and enthusiasm comes from each day but you’d need to see our team to believe it. Every day, without fail, it’s there.

Customer Service

It was part of the plan that we have always had for Kollect – do more, go further, take that extra time to make sure that the customer is happy. It seems that people – Irish people especially – have become accustomed and acclimatised to poor customer service. They’ll often know in advance what response they’re going to get from a customer care agent so they just won’t bother contacting them at all.

How many times has a customer service agent told you that they couldn’t do something because “the system wouldn’t allow them”? That’s a lie, but to describe it less harshly, it’s a script. So many businesses now have customer care personnel that are simply reading off scripts and this is the main reason why so many customers have to utter that annoying but immortal line “can I speak to a supervisor please?”

It has to be about person to person, not person to machine or person to script. Everyone has a different circumstance and a different story to tell and it’s infuriating when you know that the person at the other end of the phone is not really listen. “Sorry sir, that’s just our policy.” “Sorry madam, we can’t override the system”. People are hiding behind scripts and Irish people are rightfully getting tired of it.

We shouldn’t be surprised when a business goes out of the way to help us – we should be surprised when they don’t!

Our Awards

Kollect awards

The Company’s team have always strived to create a business of which they can be proud and have received the following awards and industry accolades over the past 3 years:

  • in 2015, Kollect was winner of the TechStars Start-up Weekend, where the founders validated their concept of disrupting the entire waste industry when pitching their idea;
  • in 2016, Kollect won the National Start-Up Award as Ireland’s Most Innovative Start-up (the National Start-Up Awards are the official partner of the Start-Up Europe Awards);
  • having developed their business plan and become investor-ready, Kollect won a regional award in Intertrade Ireland’s Seedcorn competition;
  • in 2017, Kollect was selected for Enterprise Ireland’s ‘Competitive Start Fund’ the purpose of which is to accelerate the growth of start-up companies that have the capacity to succeed in global markets by funding them to reach key technical and commercial milestones;
  • in late 2017, Kollect was accepted into to the Sustainable National Ireland – Climate Kic Accelerator progressing through all 3 Phases of Climate KIC. (EIT Climate-KIC is a European knowledge and innovation community working towards a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society founded on a circular, zero-carbon economy);
  • in 2018, Kollect was a national finalist in Google Adopts a Start-Up (a mentoring programme with a mission to accelerate the growth of high-potential Irish start-ups); and
  • latterly, Robbie Skuse represented Kollect in Irelands’ Best Young Entrepreneur competition winning the county (Waterford) and the regional (Munster) awards and coming runner-up in the national competition.